• Ohshizim15

    Hey guys I just read a post by (2KM) Steve G. who is a creative designer who worked on Miverva's Den on 2K's games forums and he said that Jack Ryan WAS turned into a Big Daddy but returned to normal after he left Rapture. You will also notice that Porter (Subject Sigma) at the end of Minerva's Den also takes off his armor and returns to normal. So could have Delta done the same thing too, as well as other Big Daddies? I doubt that production model Big Daddies could do it because their suits are sealed onto their skin, hell, maybe thats why their grafted into their suits in the first place so that there is no way of them returning to normal. Ever. Although Tenenbaum does speek of The Thinker being able to reverse the effects of ADAM but th…

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