• Night at the Kashmir

    Since I first played Burial at Sea one of the things that plagued me most about its story was why Cohen had sent Sally to Fontaine's? Booker mentions that Cohen probably taught that a child in a prison was 'High Art', But thats just a suggestion, and it doesnt really make much sense when you think about it.

    Obviously Cohen craves attention for his art, and whats the point of hiding a child in a prison sunk to the bottom of the ocean when theres no one in the city to see it? The I remembered something that Cohen mentions over the Bathysphere radio when Elizabeth asks why Sally was sent there;

    'Everyone has needs. I merely provide a service for those who have the means to pay.',

    So now the question is who in the prison would need a little siste…

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  • Night at the Kashmir

    I found these two images online a while ago and I just taught it gave a nice closer view of the upperclass citizens seen celebrating New years at the start of Bioshock 2. I've seen another picture somewhere of the different variations of the female model and I noticed that one looked like it had been attacked, also one of the male models seen in persephone while you control a little sister also looks like he had been in a fight. I think these models would have been used in the original prelude, which would have shown them being attacked by Atlas's followers during the riots.

    I dont know if there's any page to put them in but I think it's still a nice thing to share on here.

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