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Weapons/Plasmids you wish to see in Bioshock Infinite

Nexo 090 August 21, 2010 User blog:Nexo 090

If you could bring back weapons and plasmids to Bioshock infinite from the previous Bioshock games what would they be?

Weapons I wish to see

Elephant Gun: from Bioshock 2 multiplayer.

Spear Gun: from Bioshock 2.

Crossbow: from Bioshock.

Drill: It probably wont appear in the game but i just love it.

Plasmids I wish to see

Insect Swarm

Sonic Boom

Houdini Plasmid: from Bioshock 2 multiplayer

Hypnotize: from Bioshock 2 (try to put just five or less weapons and five or less plasmids but if you want to go higher then go ahead.)

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