• Nexo 090

    If you could bring back weapons and plasmids to Bioshock infinite from the previous Bioshock games what would they be?

    Elephant Gun: from Bioshock 2 multiplayer.

    Spear Gun: from Bioshock 2.

    Crossbow: from Bioshock.

    Drill: It probably wont appear in the game but i just love it.

    Insect Swarm

    Sonic Boom

    Houdini Plasmid: from Bioshock 2 multiplayer

    Hypnotize: from Bioshock 2 (try to put just five or less weapons and five or less plasmids but if you want to go higher then go ahead.)

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  • Nexo 090

    Sander vs. Alex

    April 9, 2010 by Nexo 090

    Who do you think is more insane Sander Cohen or Alex The Great

    Also please give a reason

    Example 1: Sander because he made a splicer play a piano and wouldn't let him stop and when he refused to play anymore Sander blew him up.

    Example 2: Alex because he killed a splicer just for saying his name wrong.

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  • Nexo 090

    Ideas for new types of security cameras, turrets and security bots.

    Spear Turret: A turret that shoots spears.

    Splicer Security Camera: If you are spotted the camera will send two security bots and splicers after you. If hacked to your side the camera will send four security bots instead of two.

    Hacker Bot: A security bot that hacks your hacked security cameras, turrets and security bots back onto the enemy's side it is also equipped with a machine gun to attack and will keep its distant away from the target. There is only one Hacker bot per level. If hacked to your side the Hacker bot will hack security cameras, turrets, security bots and safes for you. If destroyed The Hacker bot will leave its remaining parts for you to search, if searched…

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