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The Brink of War/ Custom Letter To Kyburz

NUMBAH 77 August 18, 2011 User blog:NUMBAH 77

Andrew Ryan BioShock 2
To: Stanulus Kyburz{ From: Anthony Ibarra{ Subject: RYAN IS TICKED}

Stanulus, it's me Anthony, I overheard Ryan while I was cleaning around his office, and he said that he's going to smoke me! Jesus Christ, I can't take that. Ryan has lost it, I did nothing, except for taking a Sea Slug, but I thought it was dead!! You've got to help me, I don't Maria to find out. I have to get out of Rapture, but Ryan has guards at every Bathysphere station looking for me. I wonder since Fontaine is dead, I could take his Bathysphere!

Anyways, meet me at Fontaine Fisheries in 3 hours. I hope you get this!

-Anthony Ibarra.

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