Leadhead Splicer

Leadhead Splicers, weak,feable, but can take down a Big Daddy.

Splicer: Their Oringins and Traits

Splicers, the citizens affected by splicing their genes(Hence the name, Splicer) with a goo-like substance called ADAM. Their oringins can traced back to the begining of The Uprising in Rapture. Most of them lost control of themselves and began overdosing on ADAM, soon deforming them and causing them to lose the ability to fire weapons, so they use Melee weapons. But Leadhead Splicers still have the ability to aim, shoot, and reload. Still, they are ugly. The ADAM caused most of their skin to erode and fall off, ADAM also casued multiple hives to form along the neck, leg, torso, and abdomen.

Most Splicers are rouge, not working for anyone, and doing everything and anything to survive. But some had taken up sides with: Sofia Lamb, Sander Cohen, Andrew Ryan, and Frank Fontaine. The ones whom took sides with Andrew Ryan were put into a state of distraughtness, and confusion. But most found and joined Dr. Sofia Lamb. Splicers come in many diffrent forms, from being weak, puny, and almost dead. But some, like Brute Splicers, are strong, independent, and can take out multiple enemys at once.

I hope this as cleared up any confusion about Splicers and their oringins.
Brute splicer concept 2

A Brute Splicer. One of the strongest enemys in Bioshock 2.

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