The Past of Johnny Topside Pt.1

Inner Peresphone, Cell Block K, Syrus Redford is lying down on his soft, light blood stained bed, twiddling his thumbs. Suddenly, Augustus Sinclair, Gil Alexander, and a guard sauntered up to Syrus' cell." Him, open the door, guard!" Sinclair exclaimed as he emited a slight smile." Who are you?" Syrus asked."Augustus Jean Sinclair at your service, and this Gilbert Alexander, please to meet you." Sinclair replied as he reached out to shake Syrus' hand, but Syrus didn't.

"Syrus, shake Mr. Sinclair's hand, or else!" Guard barked." Jesus, let's just get this over with!" Syrus retorted as he lingered out of the bed. Syrus bumped shoulders with the guard, causing him to hit him with a night stick." Stop, don't kill him, Christ!" Sinclair commanded. The guard stopped hitting Syrus, he got up and mouthed" I'll see you hell." The guard gave Syrus a scowl. As Syrus walked with Sinclair the other prisoners kept shouting" Dead man walking, or Tin Man on death walk!" The three left the prison, but Syrus was not aware of what was ahead.

"So, Mr. Redford, how do you feel?" Gilbert asked." I feel like whore dog." Syrus replied as he spat on the floor.


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