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  • I live in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • My occupation is 718 Responder
  • I am Male
  • NUMBAH 77

    Dear my brother, Michael: I know we haven't talked since we got here from great ole' Ireland, but I want to tell you something, I miss you. Mum died yestrday, and you didn't show up for her funreal, why Michael, why? Is family nothing to you but a god*amned facade? Anyways, I miss you, Dorothy misses as well. Take care me brother of lost. Malcom Keaton McLaughlin, 1957.(Sorry for any misspells!)

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  • NUMBAH 77


    October 15, 2011 by NUMBAH 77

    Name: Salvatore Dimerros

    Age: 29

    DoB: 2/17/30

    Bio: Salvatore Dimerros was born in the city of Madrid, Spain. He worked as a simple fisherman for his father. But, he got word of a ship called The Olympian was to dock and resupply at Madrid. This made Salvatore waited and soon he got his chance, he snuck aboard the sip and searched for the captain. Instead, he found Andrew Ryan designing a city, he examnied his documents and said to himself" A city away from God? Blasphemy, or mabye not." Now, he has sadly spliced himself to survive in Rapture.

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  • NUMBAH 77

    Ducky- Biography

    September 18, 2011 by NUMBAH 77

    Name-Douglas Vanderbelt



    Bio-Douglas Vanderbelt was born in Groomara, Maryland. His father had passed the year before, so it was just him, his mother, and two sisters, whom stayed behind on land. He traveled to Rapture when he was 25, he was just a simple peon working for Andrew Ryan's Security force. Now, he has spliced his genes to an enormus amount. He can still talk, but his voice is mumbled and he suffers from mental insanity.

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  • NUMBAH 77

    Inner Peresphone, Cell Block K, Syrus Redford is lying down on his soft, light blood stained bed, twiddling his thumbs. Suddenly, Augustus Sinclair, Gil Alexander, and a guard sauntered up to Syrus' cell." Him, open the door, guard!" Sinclair exclaimed as he emited a slight smile." Who are you?" Syrus asked."Augustus Jean Sinclair at your service, and this Gilbert Alexander, please to meet you." Sinclair replied as he reached out to shake Syrus' hand, but Syrus didn't.

    "Syrus, shake Mr. Sinclair's hand, or else!" Guard barked." Jesus, let's just get this over with!" Syrus retorted as he lingered out of the bed. Syrus bumped shoulders with the guard, causing him to hit him with a night stick." Stop, don't kill him, Christ!" Sinclair command…

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  • NUMBAH 77

    Mr. Meltzer lies to us all, he has given us a false location of Rapture.

    Here is some of his work:

    Why must you lie to us all Martin, why? Is it because you wish to find you daughter, Cindy? Or, to stop Bravo Sierra from turning Cindy into a monster. So, lying won't help, or I'll make Cindy disappear...forever.

    -Mr. Mars

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