Peter was a former member of Jack's company during the Vietnam war. The two of them both barely survived the 4 day battle at Que Son Valley during Operation Swift in 1967. After their tour of duties were over, Peter went into the lucritive, but risky business of weapon smuggling. Jack obviously denounced his new lifestyle, but today, he needed his help.

"Alright Jacky, I got some stuff for you that you could use." Peter said cheerfully, opening a crate of Army surplus arms. Rummaging through the crate, Peter pulled out several pristine, never fired weapons.

"Lemme see what we got here... Ah, here we are. I'll give yah these: one M16, a Colt .45, and this Thumper. Sound good for ya?"

Jack examined each weapon in turn and Peter drew another weapon from the crate, A Remington Double-Barreled shotgun with neatly sawed off and polished barrels and buttstock.

"Now, how mch ammo do you need for all of these things?"

Jack answered "Where I'm going? Lots."

Meanwhile, Brigid had landed in Iceland and went to see her brother, Hans, who too had once lived in Rapture but left at the start of the civil war. He owned a private submersible and was willing to give her a ride to the city. When he saw her, he greeted her in his usual friendly manner. "Brigid! It's so good to see you again!" he said. Brigid hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Hans looked around, slightly confused. "Where's your husband?" he asked. "Oh, he's back in San Fransisco." she said "I hope." she added under her breath. "Well, lets get going." she said, motioning to the sub which was consealed in his plain looking fishing boat.

The sub slid quietly near the seafloor, the lights bearly piercing the dark North Atlantic waters. Soon, they were upon it. The city of Rapture, which had lost most of the grandure it had when it was first built. Several buildings were visibly flooded, the glass tunnels connecting them collapsing. The parts of buildings had chunks missing, and the many neon signs were beggining to flicker and fade, thanks to overuse and the grime which had collected on them for several years.

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