This isn't a fanfic, just a VERY concerning piece of internet news.

As many of you know, SOPA and PIPA are being voted on as a I write this. This will profoundly affect every user of the web. Youtubers, Wiki users, Image sharers, even all the morons (No offence) at Facebook will feel it's wrath.

If this bill passes, God help us all if it does, we will have a MAJOR problem.

What was that Andrew Ryan used to rant about Censorship? It all seems to be making sense now...

I do know certain sites will close in protest of these Fascist acts, Wikipedia and the much visited CoD wiki amongst them Google is also protested by changing the look of its logo the day of the voting,\.

We'll just see what happens, I'll update when I can. But in the meantime, DOWN WITH SOPA! DOWN WITH PIPA!

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