I just beat Infinite. But before we go on, I need to get this out of me.


That was my mind screaming in agaony as I attempted to figure out the ending. The whole multiverse and parallel events that connect each other makes my head spin. I now understand that in Elizabeth's multiverse, Booker allowed himself to be killed at the baptism at Wounded Knee by all the Elizabeths in order to stop the point of divergence where he became Comstock, built Columbia, and bought Lizzie to the city. 

In short, after Booker's "Death," he was returned to the point when Anna was offered as payment for his debt, but with no Luctecs and no Comstock, she was never given up and will live happily ever after with Booker as her true father.

But oh my god... It's too much to process at one time. I understand why its called BioShock "Infinite."

And I'm also pissed because 2K just destroyed all hopes for a Booker/Elizabeth fanfiction. I was certain they would be a pair by the end of the game and the game would end with them kissing, hugging, and starting a new life together. But nooooooooooo- she just had to be Booker's daughter.

But wait- this ending also means that because Booker broke the cycle that would lead him to build Columbia- This game could be set in the same universe as Rapture! 

Anyway... I'm just going to sit in a corner and figure out the ending. Leave your thoughts. 

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