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    I just beat Infinite. But before we go on, I need to get this out of me.


    That was my mind screaming in agaony as I attempted to figure out the ending. The whole multiverse and parallel events that connect each other makes my head spin. I now understand that in Elizabeth's multiverse, Booker allowed himself to be killed at the baptism at Wounded Knee by all the Elizabeths in order to stop the point of divergence where he became Comstock, built Columbia, and bought Lizzie to the city. 

    In short, after Booker's "Death," he was returned to the point when Anna was offered as payment for his debt, but with no Luctecs and no Comstock, she was never given up and will live happ…

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  • Mr Bio Shock

    Title says it all. NECA recently released two new action figures- Elizabeth and a Boys of Silence. Both are 7" tall and Elizabeth features twenty points of articualtion and an actual cloth skirt and the Boys of Silence features twenty five points of articualtion and intricate details. Both are very cool and I hope to pick them up soon. Hopefully, NECA will make more when the game FINALLY COMES OUT.

    Amazon links-


    Boys of Silence-

    A new trailer was also released on Jan. 28th. It takes a very interesting format- as if it was an actual documentary from …

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  • Mr Bio Shock

    On the Cover Art...

    December 9, 2012 by Mr Bio Shock

    Yes, it's not that great. It's not HORRIBLE, but not too special, unlike previous covers.

    Let's see...

    Ruggedly handsome, grizzled protagonist with a gun/other weapon? Check.

    Fire? Check.

    Wounded protagonist as well? Check.

    Sparks? Check.

    Etc, etc etc.

    Let's see who else did something similiar to this... 

    Well. Thoughts?

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  • Mr Bio Shock

    You read it, it's gonna happen! And boy does it look amazing!

    There are going to be two special editions: The Premium Edition and the Ultimate Songbird Edition.

    The Premium Edition includes:

    -The game

    -Murder of Crows vigor bottle keychain

    -5"-7" lithograph

    - Resin cast Handyman figurine for the upcoming board game(?)

    - Art book

    - Several DLC items: Exclusive vigors, digital soundtrack, and platform exclusive content: Avatar outfits for Xbox Live and themes for the PS3 and computers. This all goes for about $80 USD.

    Now, the Ultimate Songbird Edition includes all that plus...

    A 9 and a half inch handpainted resin Songbird statue included in a special packaging within the box itself if you don't want to unwrap it at all. The statue was produced in li…

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  • Mr Bio Shock

    I recently got the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta and picked up a new weapon off a Guardian Drone, a levitating robotic enemy. I can't help but noticing the smililarity between it and a iconic weapon from Bioshock 2. You tell me.

    Check this out...

    So? Any thoughts?

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