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Considering Odd Events of ''BioShock 2''


There are some events in BioShock 2 that contradict the logical nature of other events in the game. Such logical events include that Ghosts are ADAM-induced visualizations of memories, and that creepy background talking are likely (a) crazed Splicer(s). There are some other events that seem to have no definite explanation. These include events such as the playing blocks falling down the stairs on Adonis Luxury Resort, and the ball bouncing down the hall on Inner Persephone. These events have specific sound files and seem to hold some significance that can easily be passed.

My problem: What are these events? The ghosts of dead Little Sisters interacting with the world environment? Ghosts Jack saw can't do that. The ball bouncing was after Eleanor's freedom, so it would be odd for her to still be attempting to contact Subject Delta through such events. Splicers doing this would be quite pointless to their cause. Little Sister's doing this of their own also feels quite trivial.

My question: Does anyone have any better explanations, or could expand on the ones I've portrayed here in a more logical manner? Perhaps even give the actual reason, if found?

Modified discussion on the subject with Gardimuer

MegaScience says:

  • Gardimuer, did you ever get the creepy moments?
  • Like, when you're going up the stairs on Adonis level and the blocks fall down
  • or when you're heading through the therapy areas and a ball bounces from down the hall?
  • Seemed like random scare moments...
  • I'm asking, wtf was with them
  • All the weird crap in Rapture had some explanation
  • Like the weird noises in the restrooms were hidden Splicers
  • the Ghosts were ADAM-induced memories
  • But wtf with the blocks and ball?
  • and all that

Gardimuer says:

  • um... crazy splicers?

MegaScience says:

  • who instantly disappear?
  • I'm not going to take some half-assed "Eleanor moved it with her mind" because the ball was after she was active.
  • No Little Sisters around to do that
  • I want to actually put this information somewhere
  • "Unlike most odd phenomenon seen throughout Rapture, there are some unexplained events in BioShock 2. This includes events such as blocks falling down the stairs on Adonis Luxury Resort and the ball bouncing down the hall on Inner Persephone. Whereas events such as Ghosts were explained to be memories contained in ADAM, these events have no definite explanation or reason they even occur."
  • And that paragraph would basically be a call for someone to find out somehow
  • I am asking you where it'd go

Gardimuer says:

  • I can't think of any place that would be suitable... it isn't really relevant to any of the articles. You could make a blog and ask what people think about it.

MegaScience says:

  • You know, whatever does cause it could be article-worthy... or at least be slightly prominent in an article.

Gardimuer says:

  • It is like what I said before about other things, it's a bit weird to state that we don't know something. Personally, I don't think it is very weird, since I always just assumed it was random splicers.

MegaScience says:

  • 1: I know, that's why I said it'd be calling for people to try and find out.
  • 2: I seriously doubt Splicers, do you have any specific reasoning on it?
  • When the events happen, they have an almost ghostlike noise and such
  • Makes it feel like failed, dead Little Sister's are doing it
  • but that's an extreme I don't feel the game going to, even though it seems to be implying it

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