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Considering Odd Events of ''BioShock 2''


There are some events in BioShock 2 that contradict the logical nature of other events in the game. Such logical events include that Ghosts are ADAM-induced visualizations of memories, and that creepy background talking are likely (a) crazed Splicer(s). There are some other events that seem to have no definite explanation. These include events such as the playing blocks falling down the stairs on Adonis Luxury Resort, and the ball bouncing down the hall on Inner Persephone. These events have specific sound files and seem to hold some significance that can easily be passed.

My problem: What are these events? The ghosts of dead Little Sisters interacting with the world environment? Ghosts Jack saw can't do that. The ball bouncing was after Eleanor's freedom, so it would be odd for her to still be attempting to contact Subject Delta through such events. Splicers doing this would be quite pointless to their cause. Little Sister's doing this of their own also feels quite trivial.

My question: Does anyone have any better explanations, or could expand on the ones I've portrayed here in a more logical manner? Perhaps even give the actual reason, if found?

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