When viewing BioShock Infinite's official site, I clicked the first Articles Around the Web article. It all seemed very average - until the end, where they made the blatant claim of BioShock Infinite launching June 1st. I quickly clicked the given link, only to be presented with a Release Dates list where BioShock Infinite was only listed as "2012 TBA." This greatly saddened me. After looking up exactly what day June 1st was, I saw it was a Friday. Nowadays, I find it rare to hear of a game not released on a Tuesday or Thursday, they blatantly lied...

The point of this story: If you see any release dates anywhere, don't jump to the conclusion they know what they're doing. Only trust the most official, direct sources. And even then, do your research. GameStop lists BioShock Infinite's release date as being September 1st, and Best Buy lists it as December 31st. It is sad though that this article was linked directly from the game's main site...

Edit: EBGames says it came out today... (01/06/12)

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