I have been informed by Pauolo of a post that Elizabeth Tobey (community manager for 2K Games) recently made. As seen in this 2K Games Forum post, Elizabeth Tobey states that neither Minerva's Den nor The Protector Trials will be produced for the PC platform.

This is also a blow to people like me, who use the PC editions of the BioShock series for extraction of models, textures, and other resources. I had been hoping to make renders and such from it. gildor (the developer of an extraction program, umodel, able to work with PC editions of BioShock) has stated that the PlayStation 3 edition of the game can not be extracted by his program. As such, I can only hope he can open the files from the Xbox 360 version.

Update: After posting in the above mentioned topic, Steve Gaynor contacted me by PM offering assets from the DLC for use here. My initial list is quite short, so anyone with experience with the DLC should add suggestions to what should be asked before sending the final list.

Staff Helping

Steve Gaynor: Writer/Lead Designer/Level Designer
Karla Zimonja: Assistant Director/Graphic Artist


Minerva's Den DLC
  1. Posters.
  2. Audio Diary Portraits from DLC, The Thinker's Radio Portrait.
  3. Two new Please Stand By images.
  4. The Thinker's Output Tickets.
  5. Higher definition images of the Lancer Render, Sigma's arm drawings, and Ion Laser.
  6. Apollo ticket book and baggage tag.


The main things we're going to have easy access to are things we made new for the DLC, but I'll look forward to the completed list by your contributors and we'll see what we can do when we're back in the office next week.
― Steve Gaynor
  1. Gilbert Alexander's eye seems inaccessible.
  2. Weapon/Plasmid Icons: Karla says they don't have access to the source images, and the ones they have are locked in flash files. "I don't think we're able to get the icons, sadly. Something about not having access to the source images, according to Karla. I would think your best bet would be to screenshot them using the PC version of BioShock 2, though of course that won't help you with any new icons for the DLC. Sorry :-(" -- Steve Gaynor
Update: Steve Gaynor has sent me a package of files, and I am overjoyed to find the quality of which to be above and beyond any quality previously available:

Note from Karla accompanying these files: "That has all the ads I put up before, and also what I could come up with for the rest of it (e.g. stuff I did). The icons and stuff are all in flash files, and I don’t have flash here (and Jim’s gone). Don’t have Gil’s eye, either. Everything else – got it."

Gardimuer, May I ask you to help compile one more list for Steve? I'm still a bit sick, and I couldn't concentrate enough to make a good list.

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