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A New Art-Deco Contender

I got the new issue of GameInformer today, and although it was an issue focused on a new Tomb Raider game, I found a two page article on an upcoming game: Stacking. The game was created by Double Fine, the same studio that created Costume Quest, a game I've heard very bad review on for repetitive nature and difficulty.

The article, starting on page 62 for anyone else with the new issue, outlines a quite intriguing looking game of Russian stacking dolls. It acknowledges the fact the game holds a strong sense of art deco as if exclusive to the game alone, stating as caption to one image, "This game has a fascinating art deco style that helps it stand apart from the crowd." Upon reading this, I held to BioShocks strong art deco styling that easily over tops the visuals I see in this game...

What saddens me is BioShock 2 and its DLCs made few nominations in X-Plays Best of 2010 special, and barely gained notice in that aspect, losing all entries... Has BioShock really fallen so far?

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