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  • MegaScience

    Several years ago, we used a program by Gildor to obtain models, textures, etc. from BioShock and BioShock 2. Now that BioShock Infinite is a few days from release, I inquired if support may be attempted for it:,1768.html

    In short, he may not have time, but he will try to add support. However, he requires the game to do so. If anyone is willing to gift him BioShock Infinite to ease the process, it would be much appreciated.

    Edit: RipperOne gifted gildor the game. Your aid is no longer required.

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  • MegaScience

    If you want to write up this blog better and give that to me to edit this, I'd be glad to change this and credit you.

    • Design Secrets behind BioShock Infinite
    • BioShock Cosplay Contest at PAX East 2012
    • BioShock Infinite: Making A Monster
    • BioShock Infinite Artists Nate Wells and Shawn Robertson
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  • MegaScience

    I was playing Skyrim, doing the Unfathomable Depths and exploring Avanchnzel. While checking a treasure room, this caught my eye: [1] If you don't get what's so significant, look here: File:Vent.jpg|Vent.jpg. Would anyone happen to know if this is just coincidence?

    Edit: After thinking a bit, I believe it's definitely a reference. During this quest, you see 'ghosts.' It shows events that happened where you explore with the people who were there. This includes the person who gave you the Lexicon, a person who is alive. Sounds familiar? Ghosts work exactly like this in BioShock. Not only that, the halls are patrolled by robots. Now this might sound like a misconception of our Big Daddies, until you realize they all run on soul gems that contain…

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  • MegaScience

    When viewing BioShock Infinite's official site, I clicked the first Articles Around the Web article. It all seemed very average - until the end, where they made the blatant claim of BioShock Infinite launching June 1st. I quickly clicked the given link, only to be presented with a Release Dates list where BioShock Infinite was only listed as "2012 TBA." This greatly saddened me. After looking up exactly what day June 1st was, I saw it was a Friday. Nowadays, I find it rare to hear of a game not released on a Tuesday or Thursday, they blatantly lied...

    The point of this story: If you see any release dates anywhere, don't jump to the conclusion they know what they're doing. Only trust the most official, direct sources. And even then, do your resear…

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  • MegaScience

    Both BioShock games are on sale, 75% off, $5 each on Steam. This seems to be today only.

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