Hey MeLovGamng here. As all you fans know, back in February, Bioshock 2 was released and hit shelves worldwide. I really enjoyed it, but it just kinda felt a bit different to me. The story was okay, but it didn't give me tht "shock" feeling like the original. Of course most game sequels happen to feel like tht right?. Anyways what is your opinion on it? Did you like it? Was it okay? Were you disappointed? I'll be giving out my review soon on the good and bad aspects of it and what things in the story should of changed. I did love the ending though, it brought me to tears ;)

P.S. Did anyone felt tht the demo 'Hunting the Big Sister' was a bit more interesting and had tht scary aspect to it. No, just me. I kinda wished that the storyline to tht kinda should of mixed in with the whole Sofia Lamb and The Rapture Family thing.

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