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Project announced for 2012

Hey to all the Bioshock fans out there, MeLovGaming here starting my first blog on this new account. Okay then so as most of the fans out there online today have been pretty shocked after Irrational Games unexpected project turns out to be another Bioshock.

My first impression before watching the trailer: HELLZ YES!!! I was so excited for this announcement, however once I finished watching the mouth was wide open in shock. It was something tht blew my mind...IT WASN'T IN RAPTURE ANYMORE...ITS ANOTHER CITY...BUT...IN THE SKIES!!!

Okay now before I ask your guys opinion on this...I wanna tell u guys my impression. Now I know tht some ppl out there are pretty disappointed after finding out it is no longer in the creepy underwater utopia we once knew, but I for one is very curious due to the fact tht this is in a whole new city, time, and plot. It is also one tht is being created by the original creators of Bioshock known as Irrational Games (Previously known as 2K Boston. They did not make Bioshock 2).

Anyways give me your opinion...Do u think this new game is gonna be Awesome? Horrible? Kinda strange...But are quite interested in? I for one will be scavanging more details into this game.


BioShock Infinite Premiere Trailer02:23

BioShock Infinite Premiere Trailer

Whts your opinion on this?

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