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  • MeLovGaming

    I think it is hard to say but I think maybe Bioshock 1 will always be the best just because of its amazing characters and story. Bioshock 2 and Infinite are a tie for me in second place because I feel like as much as I like the world of Columbia and its story, I think I might of enjoyed the second game more and felt surprising more emotional over the second than the third game. I think my favorite characters are Sander Cohen in Bioshock, Eleanor Lamb in Bioshock 2, and the Luteces in Bioshock Infinite although I did like Jeremiah Fink alot also. Now is your turn to answer the question.

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  • MeLovGaming

    Hey guys! Just finished the ending for Bioshock Infinite and it really makes me wonder where this series will go next. What are your guys thoughts? Will the next installment take place in another city? back in rapture? where?

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  • MeLovGaming

    Hey to all the Bioshock fans out there, MeLovGaming here starting my first blog on this new account. Okay then so as most of the fans out there online today have been pretty shocked after Irrational Games unexpected project turns out to be another Bioshock.

    My first impression before watching the trailer: HELLZ YES!!! I was so excited for this announcement, however once I finished watching the mouth was wide open in shock. It was something tht blew my mind...IT WASN'T IN RAPTURE ANYMORE...ITS ANOTHER CITY...BUT...IN THE SKIES!!!

    Okay now before I ask your guys opinion on this...I wanna tell u guys my impression. Now I know tht some ppl out there are pretty disappointed after finding out it is no longer in the creepy underwater ut…

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