Log Entry 4: Acquainted

It only took me three seconds to get dressed, considering Jeremi and I had practiced getting ready quickly, just in case we were attacked out of the blue. I was probably halfway to the door before I remembered the teddy bear Abigail had given me, maybe it was just a stupid toy, but for some reason, I felt as if I should keep it, something compelled me to do so, in the very least. I walked back over and picked up the small, purely white teddy bear. Holding it's arm rather tightly, I walked out of the room, stunned at the sight before me. There were tons of beds everywhere, none were torn or tathered or even rumpled, they all appeared as if they were brand new. On some of these beds were what my brother called "Little Sisters", with all of them looking straight at me, and all about my age. I could feel my cheeks growing warm, and I looked toward the floor, embarrased. A few seconds later, someone came up to me and held my hand, it only too me a second to realize it was Abigail. I slowly looked up, seeing her bright face once again, feeling all my embarassment and shyness drift away.

"Are you okay? You seem scared, I could walk with you if you want..."

I blinked, feeling the warmth come up to my face again. I nodded in response. Abigail gave me a confused look, and said; "What's the matter? Can't you talk?"

I shook my head, which caused her to gasp. Abigail clenched my hand tightly, saying;

"Don't worry, Big Brother could teach you, come on!" She started walking to what looked like a dark room, in which that was where I stopped suddenly, with her unable to pull me much farther. I looked into the dark chasm and I felt myself becoming terribly frightened. I ripped my hand away from Abigail and ran the other direction, hearing her pleading for me to come back. I didn't care, I was too frightened to care. I ran into the next room, hiding under one of the finely furnished dinner tables, hoping my fear would go away.

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