Log Entry 3: New Friends

After about what felt a lot like a year, I finally managed to open one of my eyes, which hurt somewhat considering it felt like I was ripping my two eyelids apart. Moving it slightly, I saw that same girl beside me, the Little Sister who had saved me from death itself. I guess she must have saw me open my right eye, because she suddenly exclaimed; "Marcus!, Marcus look! He's okay! Little Brother's feeling better!" I managed to open both of my eyes a few seconds later, in which a sudden question popped into my head, what was a Little Brother? What was she talking about? Annoyed with all the questions running around my skull, I slowly got up, seeing that I was in some kind of bed,........without any clothing. I pulled the white blanket over my bare chest, looking around somewhat scared. Suddenly, a large man came up beside me, smoking a large cigar. He puffed out a few smoke rings before even noticing me, giving me an odd look once he was done. "Well, well, well, looks like ol' C's alive, nice to see ya again boyo." Again? I had never even seen this man before, how could he possibly know me? By the sound of it, this man was known as Marcus, odd, however, considering his Scottish accent. The man put out his cigar suddenly and sat beside me right next to the bed. I felt fear well up within me, and I suddenly edged away from him. The man known as Marcus laughed. "Laddie, I aint' gonna hurt ya or nuthin, I just wanted to give you these." Marcus handed me a nice, clean pile of clothes, but they weren't mine however, they weren't worn down or charred as mine were, they almost looked like they came right off the shelves. I yanked the clothes from him, hugging them close. Marcus gave me a little smile, then left the room, leaving me with the girl once more. "I-I-I'm glad to see your okay, m-my name's Abigail." She held out her hand, giving me what looked like a white teddy bear. "I-I hope you get better soon.....bye." Abigail left the room, with me feeling lonely all of a sudden. I placed the teddy bear beside me, grabbing the new set of clothes. I had just made some new friends, and you know what, it felt good to know I wasn't the only sane person in Rapture anymore.

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