Log Entry Six: Bring It on!

I walked right into the heart of the cave, with Abigail clinging to me as hard as she could. Suddenly, we reached the end of the cave, with nothing there. I looked to Abigail.

"I...I thought Big Brother was still here....where could he have gone?"

I shrugged, looking around, with a sudden light blinding me. I fumbled back, feeling Abigail being yanked from me all of a sudden, with my body hitting the clod, hard floor. I felt myself panicking, hearing Abigail screaming for me to help her. I jumped up, following her voice until there was nothing but a bulkhead in front of me. Out of nowhere, a metal man appeared, who happened to fit Jeremi's description as a Rosie, with another metallic man appearing, however, he was not like any of the Big Daddies or Big Sisters Jeremi mentioned, in fact, he looked completely different. His armor was in pristine condition, glistening in fact, with a large pod across his back. It held Abigail within. I felt myself filling with rage, grabbing Jeremi's pistol from a countertop, and aiming it at the metallic monster. Suddenly, the Alpha Series that had saved me before ran up to me, grabbing me and placing me across it's shoulder. As my stomach jerked from the impact, the Alpha Series went back a few steps and ran right to the glass. I felt fear rising within me. How could I possibly survive the impact, let alone the pressure from that depth, or the lack of oxygen? I was doomed, and nothing would change that, or would it?

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