Log Entry Five: Bravery Is Earned

I don't know how long I stayed under that table, a minute, an hour, who knew? I was shaken out of my thoughts once Abigail crawled under the table next to me, in which she hugged me instantly. I blushed slightly, feeling her chest against mine. I don't know why exactly, but suddenly, I felt stronger, as if I could easily win any fight, beat any challenge, overcome any obstacle, I felt, invincible. I crawled out under from the table, with Abigail holding my hand tightly. I walked right up to the dark room, feeling the fear rise up again, even with Abigail next to me, I was still not sure I could do it. Suddenly, Abigail lifted her face close to mine, and kissed my cheek. I felt my face grow incredibly warm, with my courage welling up inside of me, so much that we both walked into the room, Abigail's teddy bear still clutched in my hands. I guess you could say I was scared to death, feeling like I was done for, but with Abigail, I didn't really care anymore, it all seemed like a distant dream, the fear, the memories, everything, it was time to get over my fear and face it head on, it was time to be brave.

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