Chapter 2: Revival

After I took all the supplies I could find around our tunnel, I walked out with Jerimi's semi-automatic pistol, with his very name in gold, cursive letters on the hilt. I ran to the end of the tunnel, ending at a makeshift escape hatch Jeremi and I made a few years back, just incase we had to make a hasty escape. I opened the top hatch, eventually crawling to s'ome kind of 'rooftop, in which I saw what looked like some kind of Splicer rummaging around one of our reserves. I cocked Jerimi's pistol, aiming straight for the Leadhead's head. After about two minutes, however, I only succeded in blasting a quarter of his hat off, in which he turned around in rage. All I remember was a loud bang, and then blackness. Suddenly, however, I heard an ominous sound, and the next thing I knew, I was in a glass tube, with what looked like a Little Sister, or at least she resembled the description. The girl walked over to the tube, and pressed a button on the side, making the doors open and me suddenly fall out. I couldn't move at all, however, and all I could was look up at the Little Sister, and after a few minutes, I saw an Alpha's Series Big Daddy appear, in which the Little Sister told him something I couldn't understand, with my vision and hearing blurrying. Suddenly, the Alpha picked me up in his arms, and after allowing the girl onto his back, walked into some kind of doorway, in which he basically dropped me on the floor. I couldn't understand what the girl was saying at the time, but considering the angry expression she had and her crossed arms, I was guessing she didn't appreciate that. Despite this, I couldn't keep my eyes open, until after about a minute on the floor, I felt the darkness creep over me again, with the cold, bare floor being my companion in the darkness.

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