Spiked Avenger

Description: Having a hard time with the average Splicer? Then splice up Spiked Avenger today! Be able to resist damage and give it right back!

Upgraded: Spikes can now embed themselves in foes, making them lose health over time.

Spiked Avenger is a Gene Tonic related to Armored Shell, however, Spiked Avenger enables the user to grow lethal spikes from their back, legs, arms, shoulders, and chest, in which it is one of the few Gene Tonics with the user able to see it's effects. Like Armored Shell, the user is able to resist damage from foes, but with Spiked Avenger, the user can actually give that damage back to enemies, with the second upgrade enabling the user to have a small chance to have a few spikes come off of them and embed themselves into foes, giving the foe damage over time, and unlike Incinerate! and Insect Swarm, the effect lasts as long as the foe is alive, however, when being used against Big Daddies, the damage given back is cut in half, while the spikes cannot embed themselves into Big Daddies, Big Sisters, Alphas, or Big Brother's, considering their armor is too thick for the spikes to pierce through.

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