Poc Sonicboom


Sonic Screech

Description: Use the power of your voice to hurl splicers anywhere! Warning: Might result in death.

Upgraded: Blast your foes into walls, make them stay for awhile!

Last Upgrade: Even Big Daddies and Big Sisters can't match your vocals, blow them away with Sonic Screech 3!

Sonic Screech is somewhat like Sonic Boom, the main difference being that once used, the Plasmid causes foes to be literally blown away, with other foes covering their ears from the ear-splitting noise. This Plasmid, once at level two, can be effective over short and long distances, even causing some weaker-level foes to be forced into walls and killed instantly. Once at level three, Sonic Screech can blow back up to four splicers at once, with a total of five being affected by the noise. Also, Big Daddies can now be pushed back into walls, becoming stuck for a certain amount of time, but if they are too far away from a wall, they can be stunned, covering their ears for a moment.

Manifestation: Appears as a bunch of tiny little wisps around the user's hand, in which their hand is balled up into a fist, with the wisps growing and shrinking every few seconds. The wisps are a slight greyish color.

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