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Description: "Regular Plasmids not cutting it? Try Solar Light today! Harness the power of the sun and eject it at foes, even be able to pierce through multiple foes!"

Upgraded: "Cut down foes like butter! Send your energy right through multiple foes!"

Final Upgrade: "Go toe-to-toe with Big Daddies and other armored enemies!, make their armor swiss cheese!"

Solar Light is a Plasmid that enables the user to harness the power of light itself and shoot it out as a focused beam of pure energy. Somewhat related to the Ion Laser, Solar Light can easily pierce through tough armor and even Splicers, resulting in a combo chain.

Manifestation: The user has their hand in the pose of the picture above, with small, flying orbs floating around the players hand and a yellowish sheen to their skin. The players hand clutches in a way related to the Gene Tonic Resurrection

Pros: Solar Light is actually an incredibly cheap Plasmid, only costing 60 ADAM. Once upgraded to Level 2,the Plasmid can be shot close to other enemies once charged via sending an orb of pure energy in front of the user. Level 3 unlocks the ability to continually fire a vibrant beam of scorching light towards unfriendlies, the regular blast having the stunning effect. The Plasmid can also light dark areas. The Plasmid's damage can be increased by fighting in a well-lit setting.

Cons: Solar Light, ironically, does little damage to enemies due to it's quick-fire rate. It is hardly effective in dimly-lit areas, due to no light being able to be harnessed. As with all upgrades, the Plasmid's damage will increase, however, so will it's EVE consumption. It's stun effect does absolutely nothing to armored enemies, such as Big Daddies, Big Sisters, and Big Brothers. Firing the Plasmid at objects will simply cause it to deflect and potentially harm the player.

Combinations: Incinerate!= Vibrant Inferno

Electro Bolt= Electric Flare

Insect Swarm= Firefly

Decoy= Lit Shadow

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