Fully Upgraded a Plasmid

How does being my personal puppet feel?


Description: Posses foes from afar! Make your enemies fight for you!

Upgraded: Pickpocket foes, and even heal yourself and your EVE when your puppet takes damage!

Last Upgrade: Take over Big Daddies for a change! Warning: Mass havoc will occur!

Posesser is a Plasmid that enables the user to "take over" another's body and control them. Posessed foes will have a slight damage and health increase, being able to lead other Splicer's into Traps and other hazardous areas. Once upgraded to level two, players can gain health from attacks, gaining EVE and Health in the process. Once at level three, this Plasmid can actually take over Big Daddies, but unlike Splicers , they can only be posessed for a certain amount of time, and will become aggresive once the Plasmid wears off.

Manifestation: Appears as a white mist over the user's hands. (Changes to red once upgraded to level two and black once upgraded to level three)

(Sorry, the picture was the closest thing I could find for posession.)

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