Rapture's version of a "Vampire"

Call of the Wild.

Description: Release your inner animal! Fight until the end with tooth, claw, and even tail!

Upgraded: Have the ability to absorb health from foes, get out there and play!

Last Upgrade: Scavenge ADAM from dead corpses with Call of the Wild 3! It'll never let you down!

Call of the Wild is a Plasmid that allows the user to have the bones in their fingers grow through their fingertips, turning into sharp, hard as steel claws. This Plasmid also enables the user to grow a rat-like tail, which can knock back foes and strangle them, if used in a surprise attack. The final attack that can be used with this Plasmid is the subject's own teeth, which are extrememly sharp, with the canines coming out over the lips as fangs. The user can bite right into a Splicer's neck if they manage to get close enough, and if used in a surprise attack, the user can actually kill lower-level Splicers with just one neck bite. However, this Plasmid is somewhat unstable, with the user having their EVE slowly deplete over time, but once upgraded to level three, it only wastes a small amount of ADAM for each attack. This is one of the rare dual-wielding plasmids, with the user unable to use firearms while it is in use. This Plasmid's damage is stronger than any melee weapon. This Plasmid is not very effective against Big Daddies, with the damage done by the Plasmid cut in half against them. Once upgraded to level three, the user can scavenge up to ten ADAM from dead Splicers, an extra twenty ADAM from Big Sisters, an extra fourty ADAM from Little Sisters, ten ADAM from Big Daddies, and an extra thirty ADAM from Big Brother's. However, the user only has a 15% chance to get the extra ADAM. While active, this Plasmid also causes the user's footsteps to be extremely quiet, with surprise attacks increased by 50%.

Manifestation: The user has their hand in a claw-like pose, with black claws coming from the tip of the fingers. Hand clenches and releases every few seconds. (Changes from black claws to larger, red claws once upgraded to level two, and complete claws, which envelop much of the fingers, which turn green)

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