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  • Maxxthewolf


    October 28, 2012 by Maxxthewolf
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  • Maxxthewolf

    Knight Big Daddy

    May 23, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    The Knight line of Big Daddies are a common enemy seen throughout New Rapture. They are usually seen protecting Little Sisters, and unlike other Big Daddies, will become instantly aggressive when Connor get's too close to their Little Sister. Usually wielding a Drill and a Bladed Repeater, these Protectors will give Conner a run for his money if one is not prepared.

    Knights were made to protect Gatherers and even citizens on occasions, working as a kind of reinforcement team. Unlike Rapture before it, these line of Protectors were volunteers and ,because of this, did not have themselves bathed in the mind control fluid like other Big Daddies. However, Knight's still had to have the mental conditioning to protect their Little Sisters to death,…

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  • Maxxthewolf

    ADAM Beast

    May 23, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    The ADAM Beast is an incredibly powerful foe Conner will have to face multiple times throughout the game, and has become a legend throughout Rapture.

    The ADAM Beast was believed to be a man who came to Rapture to be one of the first test subjects for refined ADAM, resulting in the man suffering through numerous ADAM injections, early Plasmid tests, and even early Gene Tonic tests. After mutating incredibly from the massive ADAM injections, the ADAM Beast was locked up in a hidden underground cell lab for misfit ADAM test subjects, resulting in it devouring it's fellow inmates, taking all their ADAM in the process. After a few years of breaking through the wall in it's cave and taking ADAM slugs to help stabilize it's ADAM need, it was eventua…

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  • Maxxthewolf

    Log Entry Six: Bring It on!

    I walked right into the heart of the cave, with Abigail clinging to me as hard as she could. Suddenly, we reached the end of the cave, with nothing there. I looked to Abigail.

    "I...I thought Big Brother was still here....where could he have gone?"

    I shrugged, looking around, with a sudden light blinding me. I fumbled back, feeling Abigail being yanked from me all of a sudden, with my body hitting the clod, hard floor. I felt myself panicking, hearing Abigail screaming for me to help her. I jumped up, following her voice until there was nothing but a bulkhead in front of me. Out of nowhere, a metal man appeared, who happened to fit Jeremi's description as a Rosie, with another metallic man appearing, however, he was…

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  • Maxxthewolf

    Solar Light

    May 14, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    Solar Light

    Description: "Regular Plasmids not cutting it? Try Solar Light today! Harness the power of the sun and eject it at foes, even be able to pierce through multiple foes!"

    Upgraded: "Cut down foes like butter! Send your energy right through multiple foes!"

    Final Upgrade: "Go toe-to-toe with Big Daddies and other armored enemies!, make their armor swiss cheese!"

    Solar Light is a Plasmid that enables the user to harness the power of light itself and shoot it out as a focused beam of pure energy. Somewhat related to the Ion Laser, Solar Light can easily pierce through tough armor and even Splicers, resulting in a combo chain.

    Manifestation: The user has their hand in the pose of the picture above, with small, flying orbs floating around the pla…

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