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Portable Infoboxes - See the Progress!

Wikia moves to new Infoboxes, called Portable Infoboxes. In short, these infoboxes use a much easier system with XML tags which can be customised by using css, and are fully compatible with mobile devices.

I have been working on rewriting both the templates and CSS for the infoboxes to make sure we can make the change as quick and painless as possible. On my sandbox I have added a section where examples of these new infoboxes are visible. For reference they also have been included at the end of this blog.

While the switch can be made without too much changes on the individual articles, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The align parameter has been deprecated.
  • The website parameter now requires complete input, something like [ Website].
  • Images can be added without square brackets ([ & ]) and the imagesize parameter has been deprecated in favor of automatic width. Any size in a link to an image will be ignored.
  • All parameters are now optional, except for the title.
  • <poem> tags are no longer supported when using in combination with wiki-style links, requiring manual formatting with <br>. I've reported this to Wikia.
NOTE: According to Kirkburn, one of our former admins whom I contacted through special:Contact, "this isn't an appropriate use of poem" and he "would certainly strongly recommend switching to the br method whenever possible".
  • For the templates using rounded borders, the inner lines have been removed due incompatibility with the portable infoboxes.
  • For BookInfobox, the section "Price:" has been split in three sections: US, UK & Canada price.
  • Because the templates have been ported using the migration tool, there may be a few typo errors.
  • There may surface other bugs over time, some of which are documented on The Infobox Wiki.

See the changes immediately

The CSS is already implemented wiki-wide, thanks to the efforts to Unownshipper, making this section redundant. There's no need to follow these instructions.

If you want to see the changes immediately, go to Special:Mypage/common.css and add the following CSS:

@import url("");

Read More

A lot of documentation is available, both here on the help pages as in blogs and threads on Community Central, and on the Infobox wiki.

Help Pages

Blogs/Threads on Community Central


Examples of the new portable infoboxes


Example 1

Example from Carbine.


Example 1

Example from Spider Splicer.


Example 1

Example from Spider Splicer.

Example 2

Example from Security Bot#BioShock 2.
BioShock 2 Research Rewards

Level Infobox

Example 1

Example from Fontaine's Department Store.


Example 1

Example from Robb Waters.


Example 1

Example from Charles Milton Porter.

Example 2

Example from User:Pauolo.


Example 1

Example from Crawler.

Example 2

Example from Toasty.

Game Info Box

Example 1

Example from BioShock Infinite.


Example 1

Example from BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt (Novel).


Example 1

Example from BioShock Infinite.

Reference Section

This section was placed here to prevent the annoying "missing <reference/>" text.
  1. Detailed list of weapon and boss hp and damage stats from Gamespot
  2. Post by Steve Gaynor on the 2K Forums
  3. "2K Australia is 2K Australia again and is working on BioShock Infinite, Levine confirms" article by Christopher Grant at
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