Howdy Kids! Come on down to Wet Willys Water Park! Its a River of Fun- Wet Willy

After you complete Lasmoore Square, You head to Wet Willy's Water Park. Here, You must find a way out of the park. When you find the Exit, Uncle Willy Seals off the Exit. Uncle Willy: Howdy there Partner. Come to enjoy all my rides, Critic? Well, Your not leaving! HaHaHaHaHa! Dont worry, We got Food and Fun at this Park. So, Please enjoy Mah park. Vince: Oh Bloody Hell! The nutjob sealed the exit off. Go find and kill the Son Of A Bitch. Your goal is to find and kill Uncle Willy. But first you must find Geyser Works Plasmid to Reach him.

New Enemies: Jr. Vligors and Fun-Time Vligors

Enemies: Jr., Fun-Time, Whackjob, Pistol, and Tommy gun Vligors

New Handies: Geyser Works

New Tonics: Speedy

New Weapons: KS-23

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