Agent 31 exits the Minecart And walks into a Wooden Lodge. He finds a Bottle next to a Syringe and he Splice's up with it. He now has Telekinetic Blast ( Telekinesis ). The Lodge Shakes and the lights turn off, Making it pitch black. The Shaking stops and the lights turn on. He see's a Female Brute Vligor in front of him. He notices Gascans and picks it up with Telekinesis and throws it at her. You then battle the Brute. Once she is dead, Another Brute bust threw the door and fights you. After he is dead you get a Radio Message. Jasper Ryan: Holy Smokes! You killed two brutes!? The name is Jasper Ryan, The creator of this Horrible city. I cant say much because "He" can hear us. Just Pick me up at Lake Lasmoon. Please, I beg you. Vince: Well, Kid thats my old boss. He is actully preety nice. We should pick him up. Just find a working ThunderHorse ( Train ) and get out of here. This level is as long as Atlantic Express And half of Adonis Luxury Resort.

New Enemies: Brute Vligor

Enemies: Brute Vligors, Pistol Leadheads, and Whackjob Splicers

New Handies: Telekinetic Warp

New Tonics: Iron Man ( Increased Health )

New Weapons: None

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