The Player exits the The Thunderhorse and finds a Walkway goind depper into Lasmoore. Jasper: Hey! Im cutting short a cant hear you....... Vince: Same here, find your way around boyo. James Raydoff: Hello, Welcome to my bar. The best bar in Lasmoore. If not the World! Enjoy your grand stay. In this level the player must find and kill James to get new brakes for the train. But first, The player must find the Rat Pack Handie to break down doors, Find hidden passages, and kill enemies. James is a Leadhead Vligor armed with Lightning Bolt, Shock Grenades, and Shotgun. This level is as long as Siren Ally.

New Handies: Rat Pack

New Enemies: Shotgun Leadhead

Enemies: Stump, Brute, and C4's Men and Shotgun, Pistol, and Tommy gun leadheads

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