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Single Player Levels: Mount Evermoon

The train runs out of Coal and the player has to find the coal well in a dark Mountain. Vince: God dammit! The trains run out of coal! Your gonna have to find more. Lucky your in a Mountain. HaHaHaHa, Anyways, Im sending ya something, Go to the Room behind ya. See, Theres a gun and a Handie there for you. Pyrokinesis ( Same thing as Incinerate! ) Handie and PPSh-41. I also left a Junkpile there for you. Use junkpiles to Upgrade weapons. Vince out! The player must find the Coal and get back to the train. The player also encounters a new enemy, Vanishers and C4'smen. This Level is as long as Pauper's Drop.

New Handies: Pyrokinesis

New Enemies: Vanishers and C4'smen

New Tonics: Holographic Vision (Allows the player to see the dark), Torcher (Allows the player to Burn wood to see in dark places)

New Weapons: PPSh-41

Enemies: Vanishers, C4'smen, Pistol Leadheads, Tommygun headheads, Brute Vligors, Whackjob Vligors

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