The Thunderhorse Stops and you look oout the Window you see two Robots with Fish Bowls on their heads fighting Two fight Vligors and a Machine gun Leadhead. The Fishmen win and spot you and run away. Vince: Damnit! Aqua Proto's! There tough Bastards. The player exits the Thunderhorse and can pick up a Lupara on the Floor. Jasper Ryan: Great! Im in a locked up Barn on the 3rd Floor. Come find me! The player Exits the station and Finds out that the Fishmen were Aqua Protos. He gets attack by the same two. Kill them and they Drop two Błyskawica's. The player can Pick one up. three Stump Vligors Attack the player. The player Hunts down Jasper Ryan. When he finds him, Jasper Ryan and He says, Jasper: Good, Now i cant go out there the Vligors Are Gonna kill me. A Dead Brute Vligors Burst threw the door and A little Pink Dog Wlks in. Jasper: KILL IT! ITS A CUTIE! The Cutie will Remain Unhostile Until Attacked. When dead, You get a Radio Message. Tim Carroll: Dont kill my Cuties! Im gonna enjoy Kicking your ass. Jasper: Im coming out. You must Escort Jasper Back to the Thunderhorse and go to the next Level. Jasper: Thank you. Now, Im going to teach you About Glute, Glushies, and Big Cousins. This level is as long as Operations.

New Enemies: Aqua Proto and Stump Vligor

Enemies: Pistol Leadheads, Machine Leadheads, Brute Vligors, Aqua Protos, Stump Vligors

New Weapons: Błyskawica and Lupara

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