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  • Lasmoorelevels

    The Player exits the The Thunderhorse and finds a Walkway goind depper into Lasmoore. Jasper: Hey! Im cutting short a cant hear you....... Vince: Same here, find your way around boyo. James Raydoff: Hello, Welcome to my bar. The best bar in Lasmoore. If not the World! Enjoy your grand stay. In this level the player must find and kill James to get new brakes for the train. But first, The player must find the Rat Pack Handie to break down doors, Find hidden passages, and kill enemies. James is a Leadhead Vligor armed with Lightning Bolt, Shock Grenades, and Shotgun. This level is as long as Siren Ally.

    New Handies: Rat Pack

    New Enemies: Shotgun Leadhead

    Enemies: Stump, Brute, and C4's Men and Shotgun, Pistol, and Tommy gun leadheads

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  • Lasmoorelevels

    The Thunderhorse Stops and you look oout the Window you see two Robots with Fish Bowls on their heads fighting Two fight Vligors and a Machine gun Leadhead. The Fishmen win and spot you and run away. Vince: Damnit! Aqua Proto's! There tough Bastards. The player exits the Thunderhorse and can pick up a Lupara on the Floor. Jasper Ryan: Great! Im in a locked up Barn on the 3rd Floor. Come find me! The player Exits the station and Finds out that the Fishmen were Aqua Protos. He gets attack by the same two. Kill them and they Drop two Błyskawica's. The player can Pick one up. three Stump Vligors Attack the player. The player Hunts down Jasper Ryan. When he finds him, Jasper Ryan and He says, Jasper: Good, Now i cant go out there the Vligors Ar…

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  • Lasmoorelevels

    The train runs out of Coal and the player has to find the coal well in a dark Mountain. Vince: God dammit! The trains run out of coal! Your gonna have to find more. Lucky your in a Mountain. HaHaHaHa, Anyways, Im sending ya something, Go to the Room behind ya. See, Theres a gun and a Handie there for you. Pyrokinesis ( Same thing as Incinerate! ) Handie and PPSh-41. I also left a Junkpile there for you. Use junkpiles to Upgrade weapons. Vince out! The player must find the Coal and get back to the train. The player also encounters a new enemy, Vanishers and C4'smen. This Level is as long as Pauper's Drop.

    New Handies: Pyrokinesis

    New Enemies: Vanishers and C4'smen

    New Tonics: Holographic Vision (Allows the player to see the dark), Torcher (All…

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  • Lasmoorelevels

    Agent 31 exits the Minecart And walks into a Wooden Lodge. He finds a Bottle next to a Syringe and he Splice's up with it. He now has Telekinetic Blast ( Telekinesis ). The Lodge Shakes and the lights turn off, Making it pitch black. The Shaking stops and the lights turn on. He see's a Female Brute Vligor in front of him. He notices Gascans and picks it up with Telekinesis and throws it at her. You then battle the Brute. Once she is dead, Another Brute bust threw the door and fights you. After he is dead you get a Radio Message. Jasper Ryan: Holy Smokes! You killed two brutes!? The name is Jasper Ryan, The creator of this Horrible city. I cant say much because "He" can hear us. Just Pick me up at Lake Lasmoon. Please, I beg you. Vince: Wel…

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  • Lasmoorelevels

    Howdy Kids! Come on down to Wet Willys Water Park! Its a River of Fun- Wet Willy

    After you complete Lasmoore Square, You head to Wet Willy's Water Park. Here, You must find a way out of the park. When you find the Exit, Uncle Willy Seals off the Exit. Uncle Willy: Howdy there Partner. Come to enjoy all my rides, Critic? Well, Your not leaving! HaHaHaHaHa! Dont worry, We got Food and Fun at this Park. So, Please enjoy Mah park. Vince: Oh Bloody Hell! The nutjob sealed the exit off. Go find and kill the Son Of A Bitch. Your goal is to find and kill Uncle Willy. But first you must find Geyser Works Plasmid to Reach him.

    New Enemies: Jr. Vligors and Fun-Time Vligors

    Enemies: Jr., Fun-Time, Whackjob, Pistol, and Tommy gun Vligors

    New Handies: Geyse…

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