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Single Player Enemies: Jr. Vligors

Jr. Vligors are Kid Vligors and only have 2 models, One Male the other Female. They are about the age of 10 and are short. Ever play Borderlands? About 30 inches taller than the Midgets.


Whacky- Are very fast and only use Pipes, Wrenches, and Hatchets.

Toytime- Throw Frag Grenades and use a PSM

Flying- After you Defeat Uncle Willy and later Levels. Uses KS-23 and Molotovs. When they shoot, They Fly backwards

Badass- Uses Duel PSM's and throws out Molotovs

Stump- Fat and Falls down alot. Have large health and Uses a Lupara. They are Encountered later in the game.

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