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Boss Battle: Uncle Willy

Uncle Willy is the First boss in Bioshock: Unlimited. He is a Soggy Vligor Model with a Beard like Zigo d'Acosta's. He is the owner and founder of Wet Willy's Water Park

Weapons and Attacks:

KS-23: He uses a KS-23 Shotgun on the player. When he is dead, The player may pick it up.

Aqua Jump: He uses Geyser Works on the ground and jumps on it too go High in the air. Use Lightning Bolt on it to Shock him.

Molotov: He will pull out a Beer, Drink a little to regain health, Then lights it on fire and throws it at the player.

Banjo: He pulls out a Banjo and the music calls in Whackjob Vligors

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