There are 20 Enemy models in B:U.

Common Models:

Shank- Wears a Bandana, Black Gloves, Brown belt, Brown boots, Black Jeans, and A Black T-Shirt. Male

Boots- Wears Glasses, White T Shirt, Ripped Gloves, and Brown Cowboy Boots. Female or Male

Poppster- Wears Sun Glasses, Black Shoes, White shirt, Black jacket. Male

Princess- Wears a Pink Dress, One White shoe, Orange long hair, One White glove. Female

Katana- Wears Blue Floopy Pants, Black Pony tail, No shoes, White makeup. Female

Buster- Wears Brown Fedora, Blue jeans, White shirt, Brown no sleve jacket, Cowboy Boots. Male

Jeany- Wears Black or Blue Jeans, Black or Blue Jean Jacket, Black T shirt, Black or Blue Fedora, Black boots. Male or Female

George- Top Hat, Long Black Coat, White Mutton Chop, Black Trousers, White Gloves. Male

Soggy- Grey rain coat, Black, Blue, and grey overalls, Grey Gloves, Yellow Rain boots, Yellow Bandana. Male

Crab Vligor Model:

Charles- Wears Blue Jean Shorts, Brown T shirt, Brown Socks, and Fingerless Brown Gloves. Male

Jr. Vligor Models:

Billard- Wears Green shorts, A White T shirt, And Barefoot. Male

Jessy- Wears Blond Pigtails, Pink Dress, and Pink shoes. Female

Brute and Heavy Vligor Models:

Paps- Large Ripped up Brown T shirt, Bald, Large Brown Shorts. Male

Hellga- Blond Pigtails, Large Purple Dress. Female

Dusty Vligor Model:

Dusty- Brown Shorts, Brown Sleveless jacket, Covered in Mud or Dirt

Worker Vligor Models:

Burny- Blue Tie, Grey Jacket, Glasses, Black hair, Grey Pants, White T shirt. Male

Helan- Blonde Updo hairstyle, Black Top, Mini Black Skirt, Grey tie. Female

Fun-Time Vligor Model:

Bingo- Ever play Dead Rising? He looks like the Clown Physco, Adam. Male

Jinx Vligor Models:

Dumbo- Looks like Epstein the Swami only without the Beard

Jinx- Same face as Toasty, Red Jacket, Black Tap shoes, Purple Fedora, Yellow T shirt, Blue or Orange Jeans. Male

Dialouge and Locoations list soon. Please Select your Favorite and Least favorite in the cooments. Thnx for reading.

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