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  • LasmooreBaddies

    Vanishers are the Houdini Splicers of B:U.


    Elemental Blast: Shoots out Elements depending on the type

    Elemental Slice: If you are Close to them they Melee you Depending on the Type


    All the same types as in Bioshock Forever

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  • LasmooreBaddies

    Brute Vligors are well, The Brutes of Bioshock: Unlimited. The are powerful foes, And since you are a human, They deal more damage than Brute Splicers from Bioshock 2.


    Upper-Cut: Upper-Cuts you

    Push: When low on health, They push you away

    Sock: Punches you in the stomach, Knocking you back

    Push Slam: Pushes you on the ground and Tries to jump on you. You can Dodge by Doing a Barrel Roll to the side.

    Toss: Picks you up and throws you

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  • LasmooreBaddies

    Jr. Vligors are Kid Vligors and only have 2 models, One Male the other Female. They are about the age of 10 and are short. Ever play Borderlands? About 30 inches taller than the Midgets.


    Whacky- Are very fast and only use Pipes, Wrenches, and Hatchets.

    Toytime- Throw Frag Grenades and use a PSM

    Flying- After you Defeat Uncle Willy and later Levels. Uses KS-23 and Molotovs. When they shoot, They Fly backwards

    Badass- Uses Duel PSM's and throws out Molotovs

    Stump- Fat and Falls down alot. Have large health and Uses a Lupara. They are Encountered later in the game.

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  • LasmooreBaddies

    Fun-Time Vligors are Clown Vligors with odd attacks. They only have one model, And the Model is Bingo. See Bioshock: Unlimited Enemy Models blog for more Details.


    WhackTime- This Type is the same as the Whackjob Vligors, Only They use a Small Chainsaw to Attack

    PopHead- Uses only a Tommy gun, Throws Smoke Grenades, Throws Knifes, and Explodes sometime when close to death

    Acrobat- Do not appear in Wet Willys Water Park. Same as Vanishers only they Throw Freeze Grenades or Molotovs and Flip,Spin, and Jump around. They also Breath out fire or ice And when the Die, They Explode.

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  • LasmooreBaddies

    Uncle Willy is the First boss in Bioshock: Unlimited. He is a Soggy Vligor Model with a Beard like Zigo d'Acosta's. He is the owner and founder of Wet Willy's Water Park

    Weapons and Attacks:

    KS-23: He uses a KS-23 Shotgun on the player. When he is dead, The player may pick it up.

    Aqua Jump: He uses Geyser Works on the ground and jumps on it too go High in the air. Use Lightning Bolt on it to Shock him.

    Molotov: He will pull out a Beer, Drink a little to regain health, Then lights it on fire and throws it at the player.

    Banjo: He pulls out a Banjo and the music calls in Whackjob Vligors

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