Taste Buddies are the Plasmid and Vigor Counter-Part in Bioshock Futuristics.

Taste Buddies

Here is a list of Taste Buddies:

Shock Palm: Electro Bolt C-P

Torch Hand: Incinerate! C-P

Mindwarp: Telekinesis C-P

Winter Wrath: Winter Blast C-P

Lamp Light

Hypno Polp: Hypnotize C-P


Technofreak: Security Command C-P


Beehive: Insect Swarm C-P


Like Vigors, Taste Buddies are drunken and not injected.

Unlike Plasmids, Taste Buddies are only found. Not bought and found.

The name is a reference to having Taste Buds and Taste Buddies being drunken.

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