Sho's Tomb is the third level in Bioshock Futuristics.


Sho's Tomb was created to lock away Sho-Na Muh and his "Subjects". After John escapes the fall of eden, He slips into the temple. Sho: "Hiya. Im Sho-Na Muh, God of the Pharohs. You dare enter my temple. Punishment is Death! Last time i will take to you! ATTACK SUBJECTS!!! The player must kill three peasants. A Royal Guard walks in the room and attacks. After he is dead he drops a drink called Shock Palm. John drinks it and he feels electric power running through him. He is knocked out. When he awakens, Guards and Peasants are crowding over john. The player sees his hand is now made out of electricity. He gets up and can now use Shock Palm. Battle the enemies and a door opens. Going into the next room you see Sho and three priests. High Priest: "My Lord, We have a pest in our sights. For Ra, Flee my master i will take care of him. Kill the priests and grb the key from his corpse and open the door to "Sho's True Tomb". Sho: "YOU! The High Priest has failed me. Fine then, GUARDS! I will take care of you myself. You must battle Sho and you will recieve the Spitfire Taste Buddy. The Tomb starts falling apart and you must escape it. When you escape, You are hit and knocked out. The next level starts.

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