"I will give you all the help you need. At a small price of course. I need you to find my partner and fellow german, Brigid Tenenbaum. Although, i speak in a more thicker accent as you can hear. Anyway, find her. Also, a secret i am going to tell you, i think she is kinda ehhh, cute.- Martin von Hoven

Martin von Hoven is the players guide through out the course of Bioshock: The Sea of Dreams. He is a partner to Brigid Tenenbaum and speaks with a more thick german accent than hers. When encountering Little Sisters, he asked the player not to Harvest them. If the player harvests them, He will get furious. If you rescue them, he sends the rescued little sisters to give you a gift by a Gatherers Garden.

Early Life in Germany

Martin worked as a scientist at the same prison camp Tenenbaum was a prisoner at. Tenenbaum watched Hoven do many experiments. Hoven began noticing her watching him and began to like her. more info soon.

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