A Different side to Charley Cohens Bioshock 3. Takes place at the exact same time also.

Intro: "Viet cong general, Xuan Keysk, is heading what is presumed to be, an under water hideout. He is presumed to be constructing nuclear weapons there. It is unknown what kind of sick plan this bastard has up his sleve. Alls we know is, that your the man for the job. You and your squad go find that bastard and take him out. I have faith in ya soilder, i really doooooo." *Static* "What do think happen Sarge?" "How the hell am i supposed know Private!?!? "Well Sargent Knight sir, i am new on the job and." "And what Davis?" "And i was wondering what you think propally happened." "Well, we probally got so deep that our transmission could'nt reach us." "Will you people shut up for a second?!?! Im getting a transmission." "You have came within range of my missiles, American scum! Are ready to die? Of course you are! Americans are always ready to die! Its sad to see you will never ever save your country, Heh. What makes you think that three of you can take on me and the Viet Cong army anyways? Shame you will never see light again. So, i hope you enjoyed the last light you saw on the surface. It will not only be your last light, but AMERICAS LAST LIGHT!!!" *A missile heads towards the player and the screen turns black and the Bioshock Logo appears with the words, The Sea of Dreams under it.*

This is the central hub for Bioshock: The Sea of Dreams, my latest game. It interdouces new aspects to the franchise. Such as Side Quest, optional missions in the game thats goals range from giving supplies to survivors too killing someone. Of course new Plasmids, Tonics, Enemies, and Locations of Rapture are interdouced. It also has a much more shorter co-op campaign with locations and characters that differ from the single player campaign. A redone multiplayer is included in the game aswell. For more information on those subjects, visit the more detailed pages dedicated to the subjects you choose. I hope you enjoy, The Sea of Dreams.









Multiplayer Hub

Co-op Campaign Hub

Rapture Explorer Mode


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