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  • Lasifer

    New Trailer for Infinite, looking HYPE as always.


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  • Lasifer

    Hello folks, it's been over a year since I've last talk to you all, and I'm sure the place has changed a lot. This was the wiki that started me off, A grand wiki indeed. I am now an admin at the Deadliest Fiction Wiki and Mod at the MLP Wiki. I have improved my editing skills greatly and after a name change today I've decided to return to my original home wiki, the Bioshock Wiki.

    I think in my humble opinion that I have grown a lot from my last edit here, I have matured, gained much much better grammar and edit skills, and maturity.

    I hope it's a blast editing again, and I can't wait to have some more fun!

    20:22, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

    and sorry about the messed-up sig, not all wikis hav the proper templates for it.

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  • Lasifer

    Bioshock: The Sea of Dreams features a brand-new Multiplayer experience. The Multiplayer still takes place during "The Fall of Rapture." The Player's Character still remains a product tester for Sinclair Solutions. This time around there are four factions, Andrew Ryans, Atlas, Sofia Lamb, and a new character who's team was in the war, Martin Langle.

    There are 14 playable characters including the player's custome character.

    • Jacob Norris - The Welder
    • Barbara Johnson - The Housewife
    • Danny Wilkins - The Athlete
    • Buck Raleigh - The Businessman
    • Naledi Atkins - The Pilot
    • Suresh Sheti - The Performer
    • Zigo d’Acosta - The Fisherman
    • Mlle Blanche de Glace - The Actress
    • Louie McGraff - The Jailbird
    • Oscar Calraca - The Playboy

    Tim Lawbaugh - The Officer

    Judy Barker - The Teache…

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  • Lasifer

    Martin von Hoven

    May 12, 2011 by Lasifer

    "I will give you all the help you need. At a small price of course. I need you to find my partner and fellow german, Brigid Tenenbaum. Although, i speak in a more thicker accent as you can hear. Anyway, find her. Also, a secret i am going to tell you, i think she is kinda ehhh, cute.- Martin von Hoven

    Martin von Hoven is the players guide through out the course of Bioshock: The Sea of Dreams. He is a partner to Brigid Tenenbaum and speaks with a more thick german accent than hers. When encountering Little Sisters, he asked the player not to Harvest them. If the player harvests them, He will get furious. If you rescue them, he sends the rescued little sisters to give you a gift by a Gatherers Garden.

    Martin worked as a scientist at the same pris…

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  • Lasifer

    This is the central hub for all the levels in Bioshock: the Sea of Dreams. Three of the levels are returning levels from Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Forever.

    The Bottom Floor

    Venti Center (Hub World)

    Aaron Cash Mansion

    Abeona Orphanage

    Fontus Field

    Themis Court

    Fort Frolic

    Dionysus Park

    Theia Theater

    Odysseus Emporeon

    Rapture Ball Park

    Argonaut Adventure (Ryan Amuesments Ride)

    Demeter Diner

    Hades Hall (Juvinile Hall)


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