Bioshock 2

Throughout the game Eleanor will use Telepathic Communication to talk with Subject Delta.

Adonis Luxury Resort

― Eleanor's first contact

The Atlantic Express

Father... it's me, Eleanor. I know you're awake in there -- I can feel it. Mother won't be able toy with you like that, ever again.This Plasmid is for you... if i'm right, you can use it now!Please...find me.
― Eleanor's 2nd contact

Ryan Amusements

Until you arrive,Father.I'm trapped here...smuggling these gifts out is the most i can do to help...
― Eleanor's 3rd contact

Pauper's Drop

Here, Father. It's yours. You are evolving quickly, but your heart is geting weaker.I can keep you alive, but you must find me!
― Eleanor's 4th contact

Siren Alley

You're not alone,Father- the girls you rescued are on your side. Check the Gatherer's Garden for a package.
― Eleanor's 5th contact
I think mother knows i'm helping you like this... she's accelerating my treatments. Don't give up on me!
― Eleanor's 6th contact

Dionysus Park

Take this,Father, and hurry...Mother can't hear this but she's...she's looking right at me. And her face...
― Eleanor's 7th contact
Father,this ADAM you've found contains memories from all the bodies here.Normally only Little Sister can see them..but I can show you what Stanley's trying to hide...When mother was raken away,Stanley was left in charge of Dionysus Park..he spent all her money,threw these mad parties--it was like he was trying to ruin her...
― Eleanor's 8th contact
That's me, there...I confronted Stanley--said I'd tell mother what he had done.He panicked--took me away and sold me to an orphanage.Itried to fight back...I remember biting his hand, but...Father,he's the reason I was turned into a Little Sister
― Eleanor's 9th contact
The girl's you've save from Mother want to thank you, Father. Check the Gather's Garden.
― Eleanor's 10th contact
With me gone,Father...Stanley just let mother's followers turn into animals. When word came that she was returning, he knew thay would blame him--so he found a way to silence them all...And now he's trying to cover it up...
― Eleanor's 11th contact
Mother's not lying this time,Father...he really did both of us.
― Eleanor's 12th contact

Fontaine Futuristic

This is where thay bound us together,Father...playing were the only good thing that Rapture ever gave me...
― Eleanor's 13th contact
The girls are whispering,Father...they've left you a present at the Gatherer's Garden...take it...
― Eleanor's 14th contact

Outer Persephone

Father, come quickly.I'm trapped in a cage...something's wrong...
― Eleanor's 15th contact
I know this feels a bit strange,Father,but now you can see through her eyes andtell her where to go.This is how I brought you back without Mother catching on.

Now...first, let's get you out of here

― Eleanor's 16th contact
Crawl through the vent there
― Eleanor's 17th contact
Good.Now,inside Mother's office,there'saway to unlock these chambers she's holding us in.Find a way to slip in there
― Eleanor's 18th contact
You're in. There should be a lever in her office somewhere. Pull it, and it will unlock our cells.
― Eleanor's 19th contact
What Mother did to me left me very weak, or I would do this part myself. To save your life, I'm going to have to be like you. From here, you should be able to locate the pieces of a Big Sister suit. Please, bring them to me.
― Eleanor's 20th contact
There's a piece of the suit in here, Father.Find the rest and bring them back to me.
― Eleanor's 21st contact
Ten years,Father,stuck in this...this fever dream.Mother kept me sedated in order to "perfect" my mind with ADAM.To her, the ideal child is a genius, serving the common good without questioning it.You have saved me from that.
― Eleanor's 22ed contact
The other Sisters are made from me, in part. As they grow up in Rapture, I feel it all. When you were with the little ones, they trusted you as their Father, because of me.
― Eleanor's 23rd contact
Mother was right about one thing. I have been watching you, Father ... studying the way you have treated others. And now I know who I am...
― Eleanor's 24th contact
I am free — after everything Mother has done to me — I am alive and sane enough to be curious about the sun. When you rescued my new Sisters, I felt every one. And it gave me hope for the first time in years.
― Eleanor's 25th contact (If the player saved all Little Sisters)
I survive... no matter the cost. Just asyou have. My new sisters trusted you, but you took what you needed and disposedof them... and I felt every one. It wasn't personal... it was the law of nature
― Eleanor's 25th contact (If the player harvested Little Sisters)
Now, I will do the same for all the others — starting with this one.
― Eleanor's 26th contact (If the player saved all Little Sisters)
So this... what I'm about to do... is perfectly natural.
― Eleanor's 26th contact (If the player harvested Little Sisters)

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