• Hdutt2

    Someone once said to me that if you try hard enough eventually you will succeed. Whoever that person is has way too much wisdom to be in their 20’s. Those words are probably the most useful things anyone has ever said to me and would take me far through this twisted world.

    I had a reason for coming to this place, I had a mission to carry out but now in the state I’m in I don’t know if I can fulfil what I had to do. I guess the story can start from the beginning where I first came to this place, this place they call Equator.

    My name is James Forrester; I used to be a professional hitman who worked for the Russian government. They used me for many different things involving assassination, cover ups and the usual. When World War II started they…

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  • Hdutt2


    Somewhere under the stars, under the clouds, under the big blue sea lies a city. A city where a man is entitled to the sweat of his brow, where god is not welcome in a place where science triumphs. A place that is proud and free from the constraints of the government and its bountiful laws. One man with all the power in the world decided to do something about it, to make his own world, his own laws and his own people.

    So he built the impossible, he built Rapture, the city under the sea. With technology thousands of years ahead of its time this city grew to become a wonder. However every great city needs to have a few downsides, a few chinks in the Armor that means life or death.

    Rapture would stay strong but now it would not become a…

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