Finally! after so long of seeing your ideas for plasmids i was inspired to make this! I actually will be posting my ideas here too.

My ideas:

Agility boost: After standing still for a few minutes you can then run faster for 2 minutes. Level 2: You can now run much faster for 3.5 minutes. Level 3: You can now run at insane speeds for 5 minutes. (Also slows down time for you, enabling you to dog bullets.)

Mentalist: Level 1: Using this tonic allows your plasmids to be increased in power by 1.5 Level 2: Plasmids now get boosted by 3. Level 3: All plasmids are now increased by 4. (Please contact your Doctor if you begin peeing urine, for you may be perfectly healthy.) [NOTE: Using this tonic does not increase amont of eve needed to use plasmids.]

Leaper: Allows you to jump 0.5 times as high as normal. Level 2: You can now jump two times your normal jump. Level 3: You can now jump up 1-2 stories (depending on height of room. Affects how high you can jump in the ocean[BD's only].)

Strongman: This tonic increase your strength to the point you can break through Safety Glass. Level 2: You can now break through stone and wooden walls. Level 3: You can now break metal padlocks, metal doors and thin metal walls. (Please run around like a mad man when using this tonic.)

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